Media Lists: Keep them Up

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | September 14, 2009

By now you know that having a comprehensive media list is crucial for your PR campaign. It’s actually the most important element.  If you don’t have the right editors on your list then you are quite literally flying blind.  All of your efforts towards developing  your message, honing your pitches, developing a stellar media kit, etc. will mean nothing if the right people aren’t targeted to actually see these amazing tools you’ve put together.

And it’s not just enough to develop the list by culling through magazines, purchasing media lists, etc., it’s imperative to continuously update the lists.  Editors love to hop around and media companies love to steal editors from competitors so it’s an ever evolving landscape.  So the key is to start off with a very strong list and then just monitor it.  And it’s not so hard if you are communicating with them on a regular basis.  Just by staying in touch you’ll know of changes as they happen.


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