The Short and Long of It….

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | September 15, 2009

Yesterday we discussed the importance of a well-targeted media list.  What’s also important is knowing when to pitch these publications which means knowing their lead times.  A lead time is the period between development and printing of a story.  Clearly, magazines have the longest lead times with an average of 3-5 months while blogs, newspapers and TV have much shorter leads.

For instance right now magazines are wrapping up their holiday issues so if you haven’t hit them up now for holiday stories, you’re out of luck.  However, you still have opportunities with the short leads.  They won’t start focusing on holiday until sometime in early November.  In general, assume at least a 2-4 week lead time for short leads.

So as you are putting together your media list and honing your pitches, remember that timing is everything.


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