Happy Friday: Get into Product Guides

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | September 18, 2009

Almost every industry has a “Guide” of the best products.  Some are independent guides while others are offshoots of major consumer magazines. Within the children’s industry there are several.  For one, there’s the Lila Guide (www.lilaguide.com) which lists thousands of products in a ton of categories.  If you’re in the kids market, then make sure you get on the site and poke around.   If your company is not listed, then email them right away and get in there.

Of the consumer/parenting magazines that have a guide there’s Pregnancy’s New Mom and Baby Products Guide which just came out.  The editors of Pregnancy Magazine are the same ones that publish the Guide so you just need to pick up a copy of the magazine and search the masthead for one of their senior editors.

So search for guides within your industry and send them information on your products.  Be sure to follow up and campaign aggressively for your products if you really feel they are worthy to be listed.  You must look at the other types of products/services that they feature before you can be really sure that you pass the grade.

And now I need your help.  Would love to hear from you on topics you would like me to cover.  What do you need help with?  What would you like tips about?  More feedback from you means that I can keep bringing you tips that are truly valuable for your business.  Send suggestions to me at marina@realmny.com


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