TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | September 21, 2009

The media loves trends.  It’s great fodder for news.  A great way to increase your chances for coverage is to tie your product to a current trend.  It could be a trend in fashion, fitness, business practices, education, etc.

Most of the time when people think of trends they think of fashion since it’s the most tangible and visible.  Trends right now for Fall include over the knee boots, classic shift dresses, booties, statement necklaces.  The one trend that stands out this season more than all of the others are over the knee or bondage boots.  So if you make these, flaunt them.  In other segments, trends are a little less easy to spot.  By reading your trade journals you should  have an idea of trends in your industry.  Tie your product into one and you have the makings of a news story.

Another popular trend that thankfully will continue growing and will one day become part of mainstream culture is eco-friendly products and lifestyle.  If you can tie into anything green, organic or related to healthy living then you also have a big shot of getting some exposure if you pitch it right.

More on pitching tomorrow.  For today, go trendspotting!


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