Happy Friday: Make Some Noise!

TODAY’S BUZZ TIP | September 25, 2009

Becoming known within your industry is of course one of the main goals of PR and can be as easy as making some noise.  First identify your standing within your sector.  Are you the leader, the innovator, the pioneer, the newcomer, the challenger, the risk taker?  What differentiates your company from your competitors? How can you stand out?  What products/service does your company provide that your competitors don’t or can’t — giving you a clear competitive advantage.  And then, make some noise.  Speak at industry conferences, participate in trade shows, write a white paper, set up a blog on your company site and send to influencers and clients within your industry; and, most importantly, find out who the editors are at trades, business magazines, lifestyle publications, newspapers, etc. that have your industry as their beat.

Lots of tips here to digest and many that I’ve already discussed in past Buzzes.  The point is to put it all together to create a whole campaign that will build real visibility and awareness for your brand.  So get out there, make some noise and take it one step at a time.

This Buzz was so chock full of tips that it will carry us through to Tuesday, which is a good thing because Monday will be a day off in honor of Yom Kippur.


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