Celebrity Thursday: The Case for Celebrity Gifting

Last week I asked you to send me your pitches so I can pick the best one to use as a case study here on the Daily Buzz.  Well, one pitch that stood out was from Promom Couture (www.promomcouture).  The pitch started out with a statistic about their industry and the buying power of women.  It was an interesting statistic and the pitch went exactly like this:

“Here’s a fact: U.S. women spend more than $3.7 trillion annually on consumer goods and services, plus another $1.5 trillion as purchasing agents for businesses.  There are over 90 million moms in this country who deserve the recognition that our brand delivers with style, sass and sex appeal.  What do moms want?  We know what they want before they know it!”

“We’ve developed quite a following, and our reputation was given an international catapult when one of our favorite celebrity clients, Cindy Crawford, was on Oprah talking about her favorite things and she showed off her promom couture t-shirts.  Since then, we have received orders from Norway; UK; Australia; Saudi Arabia; and more.  Our designs have been seen on The Today Show; channel 46 CBS Mornings; TLC’s Kate +8 and more…Additionally, the following celeb moms have gone promom: Kate Hudson; Tina Fey; Steve Carrel’s wife Nancy; Julianna Margulies; Diane Lane; Mariska Hargitay and so many more.  Recently, U.S. News & World Report did a piece on promom couture because First Lady Michelle Obama sent us a personal note letting us know how much she likes her promom tees.  Additionally, Stacy London (style guru/What Not To Wear maven) suggested promom couture tees on The Today Show last month as the “perfect addition to any mom’s wardrobe.”

Now what’s amazing is that a tee shirt company, a product as ubiquitous as it gets, garnered such attention.  What clinched it for them?  Well, lots of luck, but most of all securing the support of a major celebrity like Cindy Crawford.  Cindy’s endorsement of the product and her appearance on Oprah was great in itself, but for her to actually pull out the tees on the show and call them one of her “favorite things” is just incredible.

This campaign had the right mix: an interesting product that resonates with a specific target market (in this case moms), selection of the right celebrities that fit that target profile (including the First Lady), creativity and perserverance — all leading to a big payoff.  Believe me, I’ve been doing this 20 years and you can’t get any better than this.  It’s very rare that you would get such a result by just sending product to a celebrity but the thing is you just never know.  It’s a gamble, but one that pays off big if you win.

So it behooves you to at least give it a shot and send products to celebrities because you never know if they will eventually become your biggest fan.

Today’s Buzz Tip comes from Marina Echavarria, owner of Realm Media Productions and creator of Build-A-Buzz.  Catch up on all the Buzz at http://www.buildabuzz.wordpress.com <http://www.buildabuzz.wordpress.com&gt; .


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