Holiday Gift Guides: Short Leads

Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas is less than six weeks away. Yikes.  Anyway, what should you be doing now to capitalize on the uber important holiday buying season?  Well, for one, you should be targeting short leads for inclusion in their holiday gift guides.  By short leads I mean newspapers, radio, blogs, TV, etc., any media that is essentially not a print publication.

For example, morning shows like NBC’s Today Show are accepting pitches through November 15.  And syndicated shows like Ellen, Oprah, The Rachael Ray Show and Dr. Phil, are also accepting pitches for their holiday segments. These may be lofty goals, imagine getting on Oprah???, but you can at least give it a college try.  Who to contact? Well, these shows are very difficult to penetrate as you can imagine.  They literally have tons of producers in charge of different topics, and most do not divulge their email addresses.  Your best bet is to send your kit/pitch via mail.  Just look on their websites for the mailing addresses in the Contact Us section.   Here’s one for the Today Show:

The Today Show
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Room 380E
New York, NY  10112-0015

Unfortunately, I can’t give you the exact producer as I would lose their trust.  They specifically asked me not to divulge.  However, you can still send your holiday gift pitch and products via this email and address.



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