Celebrity Thursday: Jessica Alba

Aside from being in the top ten of any men’s rating list (she was ranked #1 by Askmen.com in 2006), she’s also known for her role in the Fantastic Four blockbuster movie series.  At the ripe young age of 28 she’s made over 20 movies and was nominated for Golden Globe for her lead role in the TV series, Dark Angel.  Nowadays she’s wrapping up production of a new movie and spending quality time with daughter Honor and husband, movie producer Cash Warren.  

Jessica Alba
c/o Brad Cafarelli
8687 Melrose Avenue 8th Floor 
Los Angeles CA 90069 
Phone: 310-854-4800 
FAX: 310-854-4848 

Final note:  Jessica is also one of the celebrities that received the Build-A-Buzz Celebrity Gift Basket. Thanks to all of the companies who participated, including: Be GenkiBaby WedgeEternal CreationHortensia HandmadeMiniminkPinky Mckay and Scout Collection.


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