Celebrity Thursday: Alexander Skarsgard

People Magazine is releasing its famous “Sexiest Man Alive” issue this week and for many their choice was a surprise. They once again chose Johnny Depp. Not that I’m complaining as I’m definitely in the Johnny camp. However, it was surprising given that he was chosen just a few years ago and there are so many worthy new candidates to choose from.

Take Mr. Alexander Skarsgard. Best known for his current role as Sheriff of Area 5, Eric Northman, in True Blood, he is an actor on the rise, at least here that is. You see he has been an actor in Sweden for most of his life except for a long hiatus while he played out a real life role in the Swedish Marines and sought other pursuits. He’s definitely enamored in his homeland and has been their reigning “Sexiest Man” for seven years. And while his role in True Blood is getting him the most attention, it is by no means his first foray into American television. He was also a major character in Generation Kill, another acclaimed HBO series. I say let’s make room for the new boys in town. My vote is for Alexander.


Alexander Skarsgard

c/o Larry Taube

Principal Entertainment

1964 Westwood Blvd., Suite 400

Los Angeles, CA 90025 310-446-1466


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