If you’ve been a Buzz member for any length of time, then you should be amassing a nice celebrity contact list.  So what do you do after you send products to celebrities?  Well, you leverage.  Entertainment publications feature only products that celebrities wear or use.  So if you have a thank you note or, better yet, an image of a celebrity wearing your stuff, contact the entertainment press and tell them about it.  USWeekly is one of the more popular entertainment pubs out there with a huge audience, second only to People.  Pick up a copy, search the masthead and get in contact:

US Weekly
1290 Avenue of the Americas
2nd Floor
New York NY 10104-0101


I’m still working on the new look.  And need your help.  If any of you receive this Buzz with missing text or broken lines, please let me know.  Your feedback is really important in ensuring that the Daily Buzz comes through as professionally as possible.

Thanks so much!!

Today’s Buzz tip was brought to you by Marina Echavarria, creator and founder of Build-A-Buzz.


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