Leveraging Results

We’ve talked so much about how to get results that I figured I’d actually show some.  I’m very proud of the above placement for project client and loyal Buzz member Hortensia Handmade.  The line of accessories and apparel handmade in Peru from luxurious alpaca has become popular with accessories editors at the top magazines as a result of an aggressive product placement project.  I took on this project even though it was late in the Fall season because I knew that the collection was right in line with the hottest Fall trends.  The first step was to immediately send the lookbook, which was already very well done, to my contacts consisting of accessories editors at all of the top fashion magazines.  This introduced the brand and the line to editors who had never been exposed to it before.  Basically they didn’t know it existed.  So the first step is always to introduce editors to a brand via a mailing, email pitches, etc.

After extensive pitching and sending samples we are reaping the fruits of our labor; and the above major placement in this January’s Glamour Magazine is proof.  So what now?  You leverage.  Hortensia immediately posted the press hit on their Facebook fanpage and on their website.  A step further would be to also include in the company’s press kit.  In addition, you should provide copies of press clippings to your sales reps.  Media recognition and exposure is a powerful sales tool and they would benefit greatly by making press clippings a part of their sales presentation.

More tips on how to leverage press results to come.  For now, keep Buzzing!


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