Leveraging Results: Celebrity Seeding

Celebrity Seeding is a costly endeavor.  All those products gifted to celebrities who can readily afford them.  But done right your gifting efforts can pay off big time. Case in point: We sent a ton of Oeuf products to celeb moms including Halle Berry and boy did we just score with the above image of her beautiful little Nahla wearing Oeuf’s “Neckie” scarf.  So now how do we leverage?  Well, here are just a few of the things we are doing to capitalize on this successful placement and that you should emulate as well when you score big:

Write a press release with the image attached and distribute to all of your contacts in media, industry and sales.

Send image and release to entertainment shows such as E!, Access Hollywood, TMZ, etc.  Access Hollywood ran the piece on Friday, the same day that the image appeared on the web but they didn’t credit Oeuf.  That’s why it’s imperative to move quickly and let them know that it’s YOUR product they are wearing.

Send image to other blogs and get them to cover it as well.  The image/story was also featured in People.com.

Post on your website, Tweet on Twitter, Post on Facebook.  Tell the world!

Create some great graphics with the image and use in your stores (that is if you also have a retail operation), at trade and trunk shows and wherever you will be showing your products to potential customers and buyers.

Today’s Buzz tip was brought to you by Marina Echavarria, creator of Build-A-Buzz and owner of Realm Media Productions, Inc.  To catch up on all the Buzz go to www.buildabuzz.wordpress.com.


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