Celebrity Thursday: Penelope Cruz

If there’s anyone I wished I looked like it would be Penelope Cruz.  Two words: GOR – GEOUS.  She’s also incredibly talented.  I actually knew about her acting talents way before she became famous in the U.S. She’s been acting in a her native Spain for a very long time and is one of the country’s best known actresses.  She is a favorite of famed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar who I am also a big fan of.  Remember Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown?  Great movie.  Penelope wasn’t in that one but she acted in countless other movies of his including Volver for which she was nominated for an Oscar.  And last year she won the coveted statue for her supporting role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona directed by Woody Allen.  Allen recently admitted that while filming he couldn’t quite look her in the face ’cause she’s just that mesmerizing.

And once again it’s awards season and Ms. Cruz is up for a Golden Globe for her supporting role in the new film Nine.

Enough of Penelope.  Here’s how to reach her.

Penelope Cruz
c/o Amanda Silverman
42 West
220 West 42nd Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY  10036


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