2010: A Fresh Start

I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited about 2010. It’s a chance for a fresh start. And after this year, boy do we need one. And the best way to get this fresh start is to throw out the book for 2009 and develop a new strategy for 2010.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Review your media list and make sure it’s up to date. Remember, lots of magazines went under in 2009 and I’m sure more will be meeting the Grim Reaper next year as well. Stay on top of these changes.

Develop your story angles
How do you want to position the company in 2010? Are you the leader, the expert, the innovator? How can you tie the company and your products to a new trend? How will you set yourself apart from the competition?

What events will you put on your calendar in 2010? What trade shows? Make sure to think back on what worked and didn’t in 2009. Pare down and focus only on events with the most impact.

Social Media Strategy
What will be your social media strategy in the new year? How can you ensure that twitter conversations translate into brand awareness? What promotions, giveaway or even contests will you come up with to build social media buzz?

Co-branding Opportunities
Are there any companies out there that you have synergies with and that you can partner for co-branding opportunities?

Okay, that should be good enough to get you started on a strategy for 2010.


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