Media Day: WSJ

When you think of the Wall Street Journal you immediately think of business, finances, the stock market, intriguing international features on politics, culture and, of course, money matters.  You wouldn’t necessarily think fashion or style.  Well, WSJ is expanding its repertoire beyond just business and finance.  Well isn’t everyone reinventing themselves these days just to survive? With additions like The Weekend Journal and fashion and lifestyle sections on the web, the opportunities for coverage in the venerable WSJ has increased dramatically.  Just check out the amazing hit I got last year on the cover of Europe’s Weekend Journal section, the cover!!  I think this is actually one of the best hits of my 20 year PR career. And check out the article below in the online style section about two stodgy brands that are trying to become more fashionable.  Interesting read.  And what’s even better is that they give you the editor’s direct email at the end of the article.  Awesome.


Buzz Giveaway: Time for another Buzz Challenge. The member who succeeds in enlisting the most new members will get my “TOP TV LIST” with contacts at Oprah, Jay Leno, Ellen, Today Show, GMA and other major morning shows, syndicates and networks, for free!  It’s a list well worth over $300.  So get buzzin. Challenge ends January 30.  And remember, make sure they fill out the “How did you hear about us” field.


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