Be Remarkable!

This week I stumbled upon an amazing speech by renowned marketing wiz, Seth Godin.  The speech was about how to “stand out” in a world that is easily bored, distracted and way too busy.  The fact is we are all trying to stand out.  Trying to make ourselves, our brands and our companies stand out in a crowded marketplace.  One of the words he used during his mesmerizing talk was the word “remarkable.”  For example, not everyone may like my new Buzz logo but I can safely say that it is remarkable in the sense that it’s different enough that people will “remark” about it.  That’s the goal of your PR program, identity, marketing, etc.  It should be remarkable.  Seth Godin explains it all much more eloquently so click above for the full video.  Seth is also the founder of Squidoo; so if you haven’t signed on to the site, I suggest you do.  Just another way to elevate your remarkability.


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