Say what?

Is your product or service relevant to your customers?  To find out you must simply ask them.  Customer surveys are a great way to gather valuable feedback that will make your product relevant and help you identify the best targets and consumers to market to.  Let’s face it, the sheer number of products available to consumers is staggering.  If you don’t make your product meaningful then it will get lost in the crowd.  So conduct some customer surveys on a regular basis via your website, email and even face to face during events (have some survey postcards on hand for distribution).  Customer feedback is free and invaluable to helping you develop a strategy to build your brand and increase demand for your products.  But this is nothing new.  The question is how to apply it to your PR outreach?  With blogs, online product reviews, etc., there are myriad ways to find feedback on your product that is if people know about it.  Get customers to write product reviews following an online purchase.  Do you know you can have them also write reviews on Google, Yahoo and other search engines?  Hope so.  Anyway, the point is to make the feedback work for you and value it enough to help it guide product development and marketing strategies.  And keep listening….you always want to know what’s being said.


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