Target the Right Blogs

It seems that every single day I get an email from a new blogger looking to review one of my client’s products.  I can just hear you thinking, “that’s great!”  Well, it’s not so great when they require “samples” that won’t be returned and they only get 100 hits a month.  You may be tempted to send any blogger that crosses your path samples of your products, but don’t waste your time and the cost of your products if they don’t have a strong audience.  Be selective and know your bloggers!  The key is to find out who the right bloggers are for your market/product and build relationships with them.  There are several sites that you can go on that serve as blogger directories.  You can actually find all the bloggers in your market; and the best thing is they are ranked.  So you won’t be wasting your time and will be able to find the top bloggers for your products.   Those with the BIG numbers.  Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Here are four sites to go on.  Believe me, this is like a gift from the gods.  It’s like a free demo to a major blogger database.  Ureka!

Alltop — Like a virtual “blog” magazine rack
Google Blogsearch – search by topic.
Twitter Search – find bloggers via their tweets
Postrank Topics – categorized by topic


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