Regional Business Pubs

We tend to focus our attention on national media, which is great because it gives us tremendous exposure.  However, easier targets are those right in your backyard, particularly regional business publications.  Where is your company headquartered?  If it’s in New York City for example, you will want to target pubs like Crain’s New York Business.  It’s a great business publication that covers every aspect of doing business in New York.  From profiles of the top companies, small businesses and major issues of particular relevance to New York companies.

Crain’s is also in other major cities including Crain’s Chicago, Crain’s Detroit Business, Crain’s Manchester Business and Crain’s Cleveland Business.   If you aren’t based in a Crain’s town, just about every major city has a local/regional business publication so just do some research.  It’s also easier to get into them because they focus on local businesses and entrepreneurs so you already fit their profile.  Once you find out which pubs you should target, read them from cover to cover then craft story angles that not only fit their editorial focus, but that also tie in to key issues of importance to the area.


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