Celebrity Seeding Success

Remember when Buzz offered to do a celebrity gift basket for members and some of you joined up? Well, it’s paying off. One of the members, Scout (www.scoutorganics.com), has hit it big with two sightings of little Violet Affleck wearing Scout outfits from the Buzz Gift Basket.  I’m sure we’ll see other sightings soon from other participants.  The lesson here is to be on the lookout for images of your product on the web.  Scour the online news magazines and google the celebrities that were sent your products.  More than likely, if it’s something they can wear or be seen outside with, there’s a pap out there that will capture the shot.

Now to leverage this….the first thing to do is send the image to all of the entertainment magazines and TV including USWeekly, People, Life & Style, OK Magazine, Access Hollywood, E!, etc.  Then make sure they know it’s your product on the celeb or celeb tot.

There are also a ton of online blogs that you can pitch it to.  And offer a giveaway of the featured item as an added incentive for them to feature it.  Celebrity Baby Scoop is doing a feature shortly on Scout and will be giving away the dress that Violet is so adorably wearing.

Also, when picking which celebrities to send to, make sure it’s one who is photographed frequently.  No sense sending to “celebrities” that the papparazzi don’t have on their radar.


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