Celebrity Thursday: Drew Barrymore

Very few Hollywood stars can boast a long lineage of successful actors, a Hollywood pedigree.  Drew can.  Her family’s roots in acting, theater and movies are quite literally legendary.  I won’t go into the Barrymore heritage as it’s pretty well known.  What I would like to highlight is Drew’s ability to overcome early substance abuse (at the age of 13), successful transition from child actor to actor (remember how cute she was in ET?), and her evolution into one of Hollywood’s most powerful people.  She’s not only an actress but also a producer, writer and director, and all via her own production company Flower Films.  She also just won the Golden Globe for her portrayal of Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale, Jacqueline Onassis’ first cousin.  I saw the movie and I was impressed with her frank portrayal.  She’s definitely one you should include on your growing celebrity contact list.

Drew Barrymore
c/o Chris Miller
Flower Films
7360 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood CA 90046
Phone: 323-876-7400
FAX: 323-876-7401


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