Social Media Relations

With so many journalists, reporters and editors on social media  sites, we may be tempted to contact and pitch them via these sources.  However, unless you know them very well and have a personal relationship, this is not a good idea and is actually quite intrusive.  It’s like having someone knock on your door at home and come in uninvited.  So what’s the best way to use social media like FB for business and PR purposes?  First, “friend’ as many of your contacts as possible and if they accept, then great.  At least they have that option.  Also, once they are part of your network just keep them informed via your updates, just like you do everyone else.  Don’t send direct messages, just general updates on your wall and profile pages.  Also, I’m sure most of you by now have a fan page for your business or product.  If you don’t, then get one asap.  It’s a great place to update your customers on new products, respond to any news and also launch promotions such as giveaways.

More on Social Media Relations next week.

And soon I will be changing things up a bit.  I want to make Build-A-Buzz more like a forum for ideas and interchange. I’ll be looking for inspiration from you!  So, if you have a great product and have a question on how to build-a-buzz, send on!  I will be providing some direct advice that you all can benefit from.  Plus, you will get some great exposure on The Buzz!  Have a fabulous weekend.


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