Keeping the Press Happy at Events

We all know that PR-driven events aren’t worth it without the press who attend and bring attention to what you’re promoting. Make sure to keep your press happy. Go above and beyond their expectations– give them a first class experience. Here are some quick tips to utilize when accommodating the press:

1. Provide an experience – Do you know that in sweepstakes, the most popular prizes aren’t physical products but instead they’re experiences, like a hot air balloon ride or a day at the spa? We’re all looking for that one of a kind experience. Give that to your press. Take them on a private backstage tour of the event space, and beforehand tell them that their family and/or friends (if applicable) are invited as well, for a private look at the inner workings of the event.

2. Make them feel like the mayor – People like to know people. So when your press is on-site, make sure to introduce them to everyone that walks by, from the production assistants all the way to the higher-ups. Make them feel important (because they are!).

3. Have photos ready – Don’t forget to send them the photos of themselves at the event, immediately following the big day.  People hardly throw out photos; a picture is most likely going to end up on someone’s bulletin board or office desk, always reminding them of what a great impression you’ve made on them.

4. Fulfill all your promises – This of course is the most important (and obvious!) tactic. Double or even triple check to make sure that everything you promised your press (i.e. interaction with the promoted product, product giveaways, etc) are in place, look clean and aren’t tampered with, especially when they arrive. They’ve trusted you to entertain them since they’ve made their way to your event, so don’t disappoint!

Good luck!

Today’s Buzz Tip comes from Gail Cayetano, Managing Partner of Starfish Creative Events, a marketing firm specializing in events and promotions for corporate and entertainment brands.  For further information visit http://www.starfish-events.com <http://www.starfish-events.com&gt; .   Catch up on all the Buzz at http://www.buildabuzz.wordpress.com <http://www.buildabuzz.wordpress.com&gt; .

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