It’s All in the Writing

One of the reasons I initially decided to major in PR (oh so long ago) was because of all the writing.  PR is a very writing-heavy profession.  Just think of any aspect of PR and it all comes down to the writing.  First you have to write every piece in your press kit.including the company backgrounder, bios, product fact sheets, etc.  And most importantly, each document should succinctly deliver your corporate messages, mission and differentiating factors all while enlightening and intriguing your audience.  Not an easy task.  Then there’s all the writing involved when implementing the PR program; what with all the press releases, email pitches, media correspondence, among a slew of other things you need to write along the way — each its own individual challenge with the underlying objective of “selling” your product to your target audiences.

And now there’s Twitter, Facebook and even your own company blog.  It’s mind boggling how much writing needs to be done.  And again, all communications should be consistently delivering your key messages.  It’s a daunting task indeed.

If you haven’t done so already, the first document you should write is your positioning statement. This will be the paragraph that will define all other documents in your PR arsenal.  Need help?  Well, there are plenty of people that can help you write if you are not willing, not comfortable or too busy to do it yourself.  Hire professionals.  Sometimes it’s even better as they can look at your company objectively and provide insight and a fresh perspective.  As I said, it’s an aspect of PR that I enjoy so I would be happy to help my members.  If you’ve got a writing project you need help with, ask away.

And for those going it alone, I’ll be providing some writing tips this week.


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