Celebrity Thursday: Bradley Cooper

If you haven’t seen the Hangover, which just won the Golden Globe for best comedy, then do!  It’s really, really funny.  Bradley Cooper is, not surprisingly, the hunkiest of the crew that goes down to Vegas for the requisite Bachelor party weekend.  What transpires during their stay is utterly hysterical and sadly totally possible.  Anyway, Bradley is very good in it and his status in Hollywood has gone up quite a few notches.  He’s had smaller roles such as in Wedding Crashers but you won’t really remember him.  He also starred opposite Jennifer Connelly in He’s Just Not That Into You, playing a cheating husband.

Anyway, I’m featuring Bradley because he’s one of the rising stars of Hollywood and because some of my members asked for more male celebrities.  So, here you go!!

Bradley Cooper
c/o Nicole Caruso
WKT Public Relations – New York
250 W. 57th Street Suite 521
New York NY 10107
Phone: 212-997-9522
FAX: 212-997-9523


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