Write Something

These days anyone can be a writer and getting published is as easy as starting a blog or signing up for one of the myriad self publishing sites.  A great way to get visibility for your business is to write on a topic related to it — but not so direct that it smells of a sales pitch.  Make it a broader topic on the industry in general or on emerging trends.  Over the course of writing this newsletter, I’ve heard from many of you and you all have wonderful businesses that provide a wealth of writing opportunities.  For example one company, Media Decor, provides and installs art work to cover big, flat screen televisions.  Instead of having a black screen on your wall when the TV is not in use, why not have the TV double as a frame for a beautiful piece of art?  It’s clearly a luxury product given that the artwork and installation sometimes costs more than the TV itself.  So in this case the company should be focusing on the art aspect of the product, since art is generally assigned a higher value and is already perceived as an investment.    The company should be selling the idea of the “art work” and not just the product as a way to camouflage a black rectangle on the wall.

So, how can they use writing to do this?  They should begin by writing a series of articles on trends in art or perhaps they can do a survey where they ask consumers what type of art they have in their home and present the findings in an interesting article.  They could also start a blog on some of their artwork, providing information on teh artists, history of the art and any other interesting information.   For the photography, they can profile the photographers and provide information on the particular landscapes where the shots are taken.  Make it about the art, not the product.  And by making it about the art, you also have endless fodder for social media posts and commentary.  And of course, amongst all of this art chatter you provide links to the website at every opportunity.


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