Start a Revolution!

I wanted to start off the week on a high note.  Right after the Haiti Earthquake disaster I buzzed about a little known charity “For This One” that was doing its part to help the most vulnerable victims, children.  That day one of my members, the owners of Tiny Revolutionary, saw the post and decided to do something beyond just donating.  They decided to create a beautiful tee shirt with proceeds going directly to For This One.  Not only that, they enlisted the help of their customers and social media audiences by asking everyone to vote on their favorite tee.  That tee, above, is now available for purchase on their website.  This is just such a lovely story and a wonderful PR lesson.

Amidst any kind of tragedy there is always an opportunity to do something and make an impact all while generating some amazing goodwill and karma for your company.  Tiny Revolutionary happens to be a company that has made it its mission to help others through its business and this is just one example of how they do that.  All of us as entrepreneurs, business owners and consultants have that power as well.  To me there’s no better PR then the kind that helps others.

Charitable works should be an integral component of your PR campaign.  Try to look for ways that you can use your business and products to help others and don’t be shy about tooting your own horn about it. There’s no shame in letting everyone know the good that your company is doing.  It will also elevate your company to a higher level and help you reach audiences beyond your comfort zone.  And tell me about some of the work you are doing, partnerships, charitable events, etc. as you may be the next Buzz case.

Oh, and be sure to go to Tiny Revolutionary’s site and buy a tee or two.  They are so amazing!


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