News: Keep it Flowing

One of my clients recently asked how they can stay in front of the media.  One of the surest ways to stay top of mind is to maintain a steady flow of news about your company and products.  That doesn’t mean that you have to invent news — make sure it’s really news so you don’t lose credibility with your contacts.

For example, if you only have one product and it’s already been launched and in the market, then what can you talk about next?  Well, you should put out a release or do an email pitch whenever you update that product, add new colors and enhance its functionality in some way.  And remember that you don’t always have to do a press release.  Sometimes just an email pitch to select editors is the best strategy.  Pick and choose some key media outlets and blogs in your industry space and pitch to them exclusively.  If they don’t bite, then go ahead and send to more outlets.  Many outlets won’t run a story if it’s already been picked up, so choose wisely.  The last thing you want is to lose an opportunity to be featured by a major national media outlet because of a mention in some insignificant blog.  Not all media are created equal.


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