Buzz-Worthy: Milkdot

Today is the debut of Buzz-Worthy, a weekly look at brands that score high on my Buzz meter.  Milkdot has the distinction of being the first brand to be spotlighted.  And this is why:

Well, just look at the Top Kat Backpack which made its first appearance at the ENK Children’s Club show (the one I attended yesterday; and, by the way, their booth is awesome).  Anyway, the Top Kat Backpack is the kind of product that just gets it.  What immediately struck me was the subtle feline look that is built right into the design — not just some cartoonish graphic embellished on the front pocket.

But the design isn’t the only thing that makes the Top Kat one cool cat.  It’s also extremely functional.  The outside pocket is insulated so parents can safely store snacks.  There are additional compartments on the inside to help separate artwork and the myriad papers sent home every day from school.  There are also pockets on the side, padded straps and cool stitched padding on the back, etc.  I can go on and on.

Also their debut product, the Stoh Lunch Tote, has been revamped in some bright new colors.  This is definitely a brand to watch.

And like all of Milkdot’s products, it’s PVC and BPA free.  Stylish, functional, unique, safe — that’s what I call Buzz-Worthy.


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