Party/Event Checklist

Right now I’m planning a Spring event for my new footwear client.  The event is set for early April so we are in the throes of the initial planning stage.  Before you plan an event, make sure you create a checklist to ensure that all details are taken care of.  Here’s a short list:

Plan Your Guest List
Who are you inviting?  If it’s the media, be sure and give them plenty of time to include on their calendar as they are very busy.  Invite editors from various media outlets including consumer magazines, trades, newspapers, TV and blogs.  It’ll be difficult to get TV producers there unless you have a major event that is worthy of coverage; if you do, then send a release on the event to the assignment editors of local news stations one day before the event.

If you are showing Fall 10 product, make sure you have current season merchandise on hand as well for editors from short lead publications like newspapers, blogs and TV.  Magazine editors will be interested in Fall 10 so be sure to have a nice display of both seasons.

Decide where you will be holding the event. If it will be at a showroom then be sure that it’s big enough to accommodate your guests depending on how many you invite.  You should also make sure it’s party friendly.  Does it have a section you can designate for the bar?  Is it light and airy?  No dark spaces unless you are planning for a club/dance atmosphere.

Be sure to order flowers to strategically place around the room: at the reception and sign-in area, at the bar, at each seating area, etc. You should also have lovely, chill/lounge style music playing softly in the background.

There are alot more details that you should include in your checklist but that’s for now in today’s Buzz.  To be continued….


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