Buzz-Worthy: Good For You Girls

Any company that makes healthy and effective products while being good for the planet is definitely Buzz-Worthy.  One such company is Good For You Girls.  Being organic is nothing new, but it’s still an amazing thing to be especially if you are in the health and beauty industry.  I mean did you know that whatever you put on your skin goes directly into your body?  Your skin has no filters to block toxins and chemicals.  That’s why I love Good For You Girls.

The founder was motivated by her own daughters.  Like any mother she was concerned about the products that they used and wanted the best for them.  She also realized that there was a need for all-natural skincare for young girls and decided to do something about it.  All the ingredients are 100% certified organic.

But don’t take my word for it, Alicia Silverstone, one of the most famous and outspoken vegans on the planet, also endorses the products. Check out Alicia’s new blog, The Kind Life, where she puts Good For You Girls near the top of her favorite skincare list.  And of course if you have all natural, eco friendly products, then you should definitely add Alicia’s new blog to your target list.


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