E-Newsletters: Great Visibility for Your Business

Are you using e-newsletters to promote and grow your business? If not, it’s time to start!  An inexpensive e-mail marketing tool, e-newsletters can help you consistently promote your business, introduce new products/services or simply communicate with prospects and clients.
Offering useful information is the key to building readership. Provide them with industry news, tips, coupons, promotions or any advice that will ultimately help your readers or their business.  But remember to keep your articles brief and concise.

Use your e-newsletter to drive traffic to your website.  Include relevant links that lead to additional content, information on a related product/service, etc.  Who should you send your e-newsletter to?  Your subscriber list can include your customers, prospects, business partners, friends and anyone who’ll find your information useful.

Start your e-newsletter campaign and stay top of mind with the people and businesses you want to be in touch with!

Today’s Buzz tip is provided by Jocelyn Murray, Marketing & Event Resources LLC, http://www.marketingandeventresources.com;


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