Event Prep: Make Some Calls

As I mentioned last week, I am in the midst of organizing an event for my new client.  It’s a preview of their Fall 10 footwear collection.  Anyway, I’m at the stage where I’m ensuring that my media list, or those that I will be inviting, is up to date.  Since I regularly speak with these contacts, I know it’s very current; however, editors are like hemlines, they change quite often.

Now is a good time to use that antiquated thing on your desk, the phone.  Forget the emails and call everyone on your list and make sure they are still there.  It’s also a great opportunity to strike up a casual conversation, albeit brief, about your event so they can pencil into their calendar.

Also, when you call try and find out who else you should invite besides the obvious ones on your list.  Perhaps there’s a market editor, or an editor who writes about another aspect of the industry that is also relevant to your business.  For instance, I sent a “Save the Date” to one of the editors on my list last week and  that editor passed it on to the editor in charge of another page in the magazine that features companies with green and eco friendly products and practices — something that my client is perfect for being an eco-progressive company.

So call your editors, ask questions and you will end up with a much better list not only for your event, but for your ongoing media efforts.


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