Media Monitoring

So by now you have your business set up on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.  You also have sent out your releases via PR Underground or some other news distribution services.  You’ve also pitched newspapers and have succeeded in securing some articles on your product.  Assuming that this is all true, how do you now monitor all the news, comments, buzz, etc. on your brand?

There are plenty of monitoring services out there including free ones like Google Alerts which is super easy to set up.  There are also media monitoring services included if you subscribe to the myriad media database services such as Vocus, BurrellesLuce, among many others.  There’s also Trackur.  A great way to monitor buzz, comments, conversations, etc. about your brand on all the social media channels.  it’s a great way to manage your reputation/credibility online, by staying on top of what’s being said.

After all, you can’t manage your reputation/image unless you know what it is.  Stay informed and be proactive in managing your image…it may be a lot different than you think.


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