Buzz-Worthy: Skullcandy

Sometimes a company comes on the scene, a David in a world of Goliaths, and just conquers the market. Such a company is Skullcandy.  I first heard of Skullcandy sometime last year when Mashable, or another influential blog, featured them in an article about successful marketing techniques.  Right out of the gate, the company embarked on an aggressive guerrilla marketing campaign that got them in front of their target audiences.  They knew exactly the markets they wanted to go after, they knew their ideal customer and they went for it.  One blogger who came upon them at an electronics convention described them as an “upstart electronics brand that is purely marketing on steroids.”

Skullcandy is a perfect example of how strong branding and marketing made a company successful.   In a sea of copy cat names and boring logos, Skullcandy’s name and its stand out branding set it apart and made people take notice.  Their guerilla marketing strategy of going into the trenches and positioning themselves in the extreme sports arena, marketing to skateboarders and extreme sports enthusiasts as well as hardcore music fans, established the brand as a cult favorite and propelled them to the top of the industry today.  Check out the Skullcandy site.  There’s just so much to learn from.  They’ve teamed up with tons of celebrities, put out countless press releases and are nominated for tons of awards (which they surely proactively sought nomination).  Their extreme marketing and branding genius makes them truly Buzz-Worthy — plus the headphones are super cool.


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