Judging a Kit by its Cover

When it comes to press kits gone are the days of the pocket folder with logo on the cover.  Boring!  These days you have to try and stand out in EVERY way including in your corporate materials.  Choose packaging that is creative and is a reflection of your company.  For instance for my Coclico preview this week, we are putting together some press kits and the packaging will be small burlap bags like those coffee beans are stored in.  The bags reflect the eco nature of the collection.

Another favorite packaging option are cellophane bags. I like using cellophane as they allow any graphics on materials to show right through the bag eliminating the need to customize the folder or envelope.  It’s also a great tool for a mailing as the receiver will instantly know who the sender is, hopefully encouraging them to open the package much sooner than usual.  You can purchase cellophane envelopes in tons of different sizes.  I like the smaller sizes like the 6×9 or perhaps get a different shape like a square.

You can also use small containers like the ones used by chinese restaurants, bento boxes, tubes, origami envelopes….I can go on and on.  The key is to be creative and stand out by being different, just like you strive for in other aspects of your PR program.


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