Buzz-Worthy: Holstee

“Live your dream and wear your passion.”

That’s the last line of Holstee’s manifesto.  That the company even has a manifesto makes it different and worthy of a second look.  Holstee is a company that seems to put its products, a collection of tee shirts, fins (small handkerchief-size scarves) and accessories, second to its mission to be good not only to the planet but to people as well.

So many times we strive to be good to the environment and even animals while still being pretty inconsiderate of each other.  I like a company that promotes the fact that being good to each other is more important than anything else.  Once we begin caring more about people, all people, we will naturally gravitate to the world around us.  To symbolize this, they’ve just come out with a beautiful pendant, “The People Necklace” which they describe as follows:  This pendant ties together Holstee’s guiding values of People, Planet and Product. The People Pendant is a reminder that life is about the people we meet and the things we create together. Lovely.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too heady about this.  I like Holstee’s mission, I like their tees and I especially like their mission.  And it doesn’t stop there. Since I’m focusing this month on eco-worthy companies, they meet the bill and then some.  The company goes the extra mile to say the least.  They use 100% recycled bottles and polyester scraps for its jersey tees; manufacture and source locally; manage their carbon footprint through carbonfund.org; and, use limited packaging.  On top of all this, they donate 10% of their proceeds to Kiva.org, an organization that provides micro loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Nuff said! : )


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