Celebrity Thursday: Rachel Bilson

People first took notice of Rachel Bilson during her long stint on The O.C.  Not a show I ever watched so can’t say much about it.  However, I know that since then she’s become a media and fashion darling.  She’s young, she’s cute and she knows how to put herself together, a talent which has made her kind of a fashion correspondent.  Just recently she bagan providing style advice for the readers of Instyle with her very own page titled “Ask Rachel”.  She’s definitely someone you want to  send your products to as not only will she be shot wearing them, she can write about them too!

Rachel Bilson
c/o Marcel Pariseau
TRUE Public Relations
6725 Sunset Blvd. Suite 570
Los Angeles CA 90028
Phone: 323-957-0730
FAX: 323-957-0731

Jump on the Buzz Holiday Gift Guide Campaign:
For those who still haven’t jumped on the Buzz Holiday Gift Campaign, now is the time.  As I mentioned yesterday, magazines are already beginning to call in products for consideration.  If you think your product would make a great holiday gift then make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to garner exposure during the ever-important holiday season.   If you are interested in participating the cost is $500.  Respond to this email for more information.


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