Yet another phenomenon is hitting the social networking scene, FourSquare.  Now you can let people know exactly where you are in the world, literally.  FourSquare allows you to “check-in” by posting your location.  Perhaps you are at Starbucks having a latte, or shoe shopping in NYC?  Why does this matter to us PR savvy folks?  Well, it’s a great way to promote your business especially if you have a retail store or restaurant.  You can post your events on FourSquare and tell people what’s going on throughout the event. You can also get attendees to post the event so they can attract their friends.  It’s also a great vehicle for giveaways and discounts.  For example, you can giveaway a free product or gift to the first person that checks in to your location.  Every week you can have a special promotion via FourSquare which will motivate current and potential customers to continue checking in.  Anyway, check it out!


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