Buzz-Worthy: Jamieearl

In honor of Earth Day, which turns 40 in two days, I’m once again featuring a company that looks to the Earth for inspiration.

Jamieearl is a skincare line committed to using only all natural and organic ingredients for its products.  The philosophy they adhere to is that nature supplies all the ingredients we need to look good, if we know where to look and how to use them.   Jamieearl’s products work in conjunction with the body for maximum results.  Imagine natural products that are as potent and effective as those manufactured in a lab.  And just as important as what’s in the products, is what’s not: parabens, artificial sulfates, synthetic preservatives, DEA, glycol and a host of other toxins and chemicals — and, of course, no animal products or testing.

But don’t take my word for it.  As part of its Earth Day promotions, they are inviting you to take the Healthy Skin Challenge.  Just buy their basic skin care kit (available for $30, normally $85) and see how beautiful your skin can be.  I literally just started using the products last night and this morning can see a difference.  No joke.  Get more details on their Facebook and Twitter pages or directly on their site.

Truly Buzz-Worthy!


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