Media Wednesday: Organic Spa Magazine

The name is kind of misleading.  It’s not a magazine about spas, it’s about the organic/spa lifestyle.  Eating healthy, living organically and indulging our need to relax and destress, that’s what Organic Spa is about.  It’s also about rounding up the best healthy and organic products to help make living this idyllic life, easier.  For example, this month’s issue includes their Third Annual Eco Fashion roundup with the must-haves of the Spring season — everything from rompers to the hottest eco friendly shoes.  And men aren’t excluded, there’s a whole section for the boys.  Each issue also has plenty of tips and best products for skincare, food, exercise; plus highlights some of the best spa resorts in the world.  A great read!

Hopefully this magazine will last as I think it has some very useful information and it’s also beautifully packaged.  I’m a sucker for aesthetics.  And not only that, they kindly list every editor’s email in the masthead.  Thanks Organic Spa!

East Coast Office:
Organic Spa
845 Third Avenue
New York, NY  10022

West Coast Office:
1275 Upper River Road
Gold Hill, OR  97525

Melisse Gelula
Beauty & Body

Rima Suqi
Culture & Style

Pick up a copy of the magazine and check out the rest of editorial team.

Correction: Yesterday the links for Jamieearl’s Facebook and Twitter were incorrect.  These aren’t.


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