Celebrity Thursday: Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier is best known for his leading role in the hit HBO series, Entourage.  Much less known is his passion for environmental issues.  He’s even the host of a show on Planet Green, Alter Eco.  He’s definitey someone who isn’t all talk — he lives and breathes green and is a big fan of products that push for a green lifestyle.  That is why he loves Multeepurpose, a tee shirt company that promotes activism through its organic tees.  Adrian even wore one during an Alter Eco episode.

In honor of Earth Day, add Mr. Adrian Grenier to your list of celebrity contacts and send on your eco products.

Adrian Grenier
c/o Manager Sarah Lum
3030 Pennsylvania Avenue
Santa Monica CA 90404
Phone: 310-526-0320
FAX: 310-526-0834

Now go forth and do something good for you and the Earth!  Happy Earth Day to all!

Jump on the Buzz Holiday Gift Guide Campaign:
If you would still like your products considered for the campaign please send an email with lo res images of your product to marina@realmny.com.  Companies will be selected over the next couple of weeks.


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