Happy Friday: Street Fairs

A great way to build buzz and connect with new customers is to participate in a street fair.  With the turn of the weather, street fairs will be propping up everywhere and I’m sure there’s one wherever you live or at a town close by.  Street fairs are fun and usually not that expensive.  They also work well whether you have a product or service.  Perhaps you have a spa in the neighborhood, you can offer some free back rubs and discount cards for everyone who stops by your booth.  If you are a restaurant and the street fair is right on your block, well, that’s a no brainer.

The bottom line is no matter what your business is, a street fair is a great opportunity to build awareness and exposure for your products.  And don’t forget to make it fun.  People go to street fairs to see new things, taste great food and be exposed to products they would normally not be exposed to.  But, most of all, they are there to enjoy themselves so keep that in mind when coming up with ideas for your booth.

Also, don’t forget to have business cards and brochures on hand plus fun giveaways.  So check out the schedule for street fairs in your area and sign up.  It’s a fun, easy way to build some buzz!!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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