Got News?

It’s always good to have a continuous flow of news so that you stay top of mind with editors and generate buzz via social media outlets.  However, it’s never a good idea to put out releases when there is no news value.  So what constitutes news?  Well, alot of it depends on your product and industry.

In general the following events will warrant a press release:

New product launch
New product innovations and upgrades
New service offering or upgrade
Management changes
New partnerships either with another company (such as a merger or acquisition) or with a charitable organization
Celebrity endorsements

These are just a few.  If you are a public company then the list is considerably longer as any new developments that could impact the stock price will be considered major news.  Not to mention, quarterly and annual earnings reports.

And then there’s always some room for fluff…news that you can post on your website or blog but that may not merit a press release.  More on that in a future Buzz!


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