Buzz-Worthy: Sensual Steals

Thought I’d spiced things up a bit for today’s Buzz-Worthy,  literally!  I love the concept behind today’s featured company, Sensual Steals. Basically, they provide one deal a day for 24 hours.  What’s fun and different, is that every product is sexy in some way or another.  Whether it’s sexy lingerie or different kinds of, um, aids.  The best thing about it though, unlike other sexy sites, you won’t be bombarded with tacky ads for other kinds of “businesses” in this genre — know what I mean I’m sure.  As the founder aptly puts it, “so you can get good stuff for cheap without feeling cheap.”

They provide significant savings, up to 80% off, so it’s definitely a great site to go to for some fun items to spice things up.  Check out the Kama Sutra set above — a travel set with everything you need to rev up your vacation.  The classy travel set eliminates the risk of being embarrassed at airport security check points.  Sounds good to me.


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