Will they come?

On Friday I buzzed about United Nude’s party and its standing room only crowd of not only NYC hipsters but also celebrities and industry notables.  The party did everything right and the result was success.  So how do you ensure that you have a stellar crowd and few no shows?  First of all, no shows are inevitable.  Human nature is such that people forget, make other plans, find something better to do, have an emergency or become ill.  There are some things you can’t predict or control but you can do your best to prevent no shows or atleast ensure a high turnout.

Here are some tips:

1. Keep in mind that you will have at least a 50-75% turnout at the outset.  Plan for this ratio and make sure that you over-invite.  If you want to have 50 people at the party then make sure that you get at least 75 to 100 people to RSVP yes.

2. Make sure you do everything you can to ensure that your event is interesting enough that they will want to be there which will cover the “I found something better to do” excuse.

3.  Prevent the “I forgot” excuse by sending several reminders a few days before and the morning of the event.  Also, make a note of telling your guests that you have reserved a spot for them and that there are people on a wait list.  If they think they won’t be able to make it, they MUST change their rsvp.

4.  Charge for your event.  If people pay for something, and there’s no refund, then they will be more likely to show up. You can charge something minimal like $5.00 just to cover some of your overhead.  Sometimes charging for an event is not appropriate for obvious reasons.  However, if you are planning a nature hike, group presentation, industry conference, seminar, etc. then by all means charge.


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