Buzz-Worthy: Healthy Beauty

I just bought a book called “Not Just a Pretty Face” which serves as an expose to the dirty side of the beauty business.  Did you know that there is petroleum in perfume, phthalates in almost everything (pthalates cause TONS of abnormalities especially in male fetuses and may lead to sterility), lead in lipstick and just plain old toxic junk in almost everything we put on our bodies, from cosmetics to body products?

As a proponent of a healthy lifestyle, I feel compelled to highlight products that abide by healthy principles and manufacture products that are safe.  One such company is Arbonne.  The company uses botanically-based ingredients combined with scientific discovery and the result is products that are pure, safe and beneficial.  The products are formulated in Switzerland and manufactured right here in the good U.S.A.  — how many companies these days have the USA stamp on them? Best of all, the products are amazing.  The RE9 skincare line, which I currently use, is this side of miraculous. It’s the only skincare line that you can see visible results in only 24 hours. In addition, their FC5 line of skincare and body products uses technology exclusive to Arbonne that harnesses the antioxidant and vitamin power of five key fruits and vegetables — literally transplanting cells directly from the fruit into the products.  Plus the cosmetics line has been completely revamped with a new Optilight technology that reflects light beautiful for a luminous look and feel.  Just recently, Vogue UK raved about the cosmetics line and called Arbonne the skincare brand that got the Vogue beauty team talking.

All of Arbonne’s products are certified-vegan (which means there’s absolutely no animal products or testing), have no parabens or other preservatives, no paba in sunscreens — just nothing at all that will be harmful to you or the planet.  Now that’s what I call progressive and the kind of new age beauty that I’m looking for!

Check out more at www.vidabella.myarbonne.com or http://www.arbonne.com.


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