Eco Events

Eco Stiletto is celebrating its Second Year by hosting two major events, one in Los Angeles and another in New York City.  The L.A. event takes place on July 14 and celebrates eco beauty and style; while the event in NYC kicks off their Second Annual Green Blogger Convention.  See more details below and on EcoStiletto’s site.

Two Year Anniversary Party
July 14, 7-10 p.m.
Where: Rolling Greens Nursery
250-plus guests including celebrities and press.
“A Cocktail Party Celebration of eco-friendly fashion, beauty and lifestyle where guests collect green sway and learn how to stiletto-size their carbon footprints.

Second Annual Green Blogger Convention
Friday, October 22
Where: The New Element Times Square Hotel
Panelists include: “Eco-Chick” Starre Vartan, “Skinny Bitch” Kim Barnouiin, Jill Fehrenbacher of Inhabitat.com, among others.
“A day of eco-friendly fashion, beauty, lifestyle and panels for eco-journalists to learn about the latest and greatest in sustainable living.

For eco-friendly products, these are great opportunities for exposure in front of your target market.  As I said last week, get your product in front of the masses — let them touch, feel and sample.

If you are interested in participating in either of these events, sponsorship begins at $850, then please get in contact by responding to this Buzz!


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