Buzz-Worthy: WP StartUps

I don’t usually feature vendors in Buzz Worthy.  Actually, I never have.  However, this company offers such a great service for small businesses that I couldn’t resist.  WP StartUps is a new website development company that gives small businesses a professional website at a price anyone can afford.  How many times have you looked at your site and cringed?  Is it time for a makeover?  Or, do you not even have a site yet because the cost is too prohibitive?  Well, whatever the case you can’t afford not to have a website and you CAN afford WP StartUps.

WP StartUps is the brainchild of Gina Nieves, a highly experienced and creative website designer.  After meeting with so many small businesses that were struggling to grow their business and who couldn’t afford a high quality website, she decided to offer an affordable alternative so they wouldn’t have to settle for a low-quality site.  WP StartUps offers small business website packages that include everything for one price for as low as $479.  Package includes development, design, free support, training and marketing.  They also provide a wordpress video tutorial, live chat, Twitter assist and a Facebook Fan Page with ongoing tips to maximize your website.  Right now if you visit their Facebook Fan Page, you can enter to win a free website package.  Not a bad deal and totally Buzz Worthy.

So no more excuses for that embarrassing and non-existent site, click on image to the right and finally get the website your company deserves.

Til tomorrow….


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