Celebrity Stylists

Remember the cool kids in school?  They had the newest, hottest items before everyone else, and always looked stylish and effortlessly cool!  Today, celebrities are the universal ‘cool kids,’ and you don’t have to attend the same school or even be in the same room to be affected by what they wear and the products they use.

The power of a celebrity endorsement has tremendous
reach and is truly invaluable; and the more organic, the more effective.  Who can forget the photos of Kate Hudson hanging out along the beaches in Malibu in her UGGS?  Then seemingly overnight, UGGS became a world-wide phenomenon.  So, how do these starlets find out about these cool items before anyone else? Mainly through fashion publicists like us, but also through their stylists.  Most actors, musicians and even high-profile reality TV stars rely on experienced stylists to craft their look and make them more marketable.  Celebrity stylists can be hard to track down since
they tend to move from one project to the next.  However, many of them are represented by agencies like the Margaret Maldonado agency  (where Rachel Zoe got her start), The Magnet Agency and The Wall Group.  You can contact these agencies through their websites. Here’s a start:

The Wall Group
T. 310.276.0777


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